Character Profile #1

Okay so after about 5 failed attempts at starting this, I think I’ve finally chosen a character that I can write a big long profile for in an informative, informal and opinionated format! Instead of doing a Tsundere or a Harem Hero for my first profile like I wanted to do, I’m doing something different! I’m doing a lifeless emotionless husk of a human prince! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…the White Prince Mytho!

ImageJust look at him, all sad and mopey and tragic looking and bishonen…he’s like every fangirl’s dream come true! But before you come at me for that opinion, let us first delve into the character that is Mytho.

Physical Appearance: Mytho is, like many of the human characters in Princess Tutu, thin and beautiful which makes sense as he’s at an academy that teaches ballet and he’s meant to fit that whole Prince Charming archetype…I think. But just look at him! That thin, almost CLAMP-like body. Those large golden brown eyes that convey his every emotion…well they would if not for…you know, the plot. And then there’s that face and hair! He’s practically Bakura’s brother with that white hair and innocent face.


Mytho’s casual wear, note the lack of anything below the shirt

Mytho is no stranger to fan service as you can see here. When not wearing his school uniform or ballet clothes, Mytho often lounges around his dorm room wearing ONLY a white button down/up shirt and occasional pants but that’s pretty rare for Mytho on downtime. Look and marvel if you will at his Bishonen jailbait looking body!


Once upon a time there was a brave, strong and handsome prince from an enchanted kingdom. This prince was loved by all and would often risk his life with little to no thought about his own welfare or safety. One day, the prince battled with an evil raven and this battle continued for a long while because the writer of the story died before he could finish. Eventually both the raven and the prince said “Fuck it!” and broke out of the story and into the real world where the prince defeated the raven by shattering his own heart and sealing the blasted bird away.

Fast forward to the start of Princess Tutu where our first time truly seeing Mytho is when the protagonist Duck/Ahiru walks in on him practicing ballet to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Tchaikovsky. Mytho is the most popular student of the advanced class (we’ll assume he’s in the advanced class as Duck/Ahiru calls him “Mytho-Sempai” in the original Japanese and “Senior Mytho” in the dub) and is the most talented male to ever Pas de Deux in all of Gold Crown Town (the setting and where everything takes place). He’s handsome and distant and taken. Yeah, sorry ladies but this boy has a girlfriend named Rue and she’s quite intent on keeping him that way. Mytho is also the best friend and room mate of local bad boy Fakir, who’s equally as talented and comes off as Mytho’s gay seme boyfriend. After his first interaction with Duck/Ahiru causes Mytho to twist his ankle he is confined to his room. While looking out the window he sees a baby bird being assaulted by a raven and Mytho wastes no time in coming to it’s rescue…as he falls out the window to his his death. But before Mytho can go out with a splat, he is saved by the beautiful and graceful Princess Tutu who flees from him after he asks her name.

It seems that Mytho actually is the prince from the story and that this Princess Tutu who is also a character is now here to restore our prince to his former state. Over the course of the next few episodes, Mytho’s heart shards are returned to him and in doing so, this also returns his emotions. At first many of these emotions are negative but eventually we start getting into some positive ones like the emotion of affection and the big one at the end of season one, love. Mytho is completely dependent on Princess Tutu to recover the shards of his heart but both Fakir taking on the role of a knight and the mysterious Princess Kraehe both oppose Mytho regaining his heart. Eventually, Mytho is taken captive by Kraehe who is revealed to be Rue and Tutu and Fakir go to bring him back which results in quite the dance off between Tutu and Kraehe over the heart shard of love. But Princess Tutu is able to transcend words and show her love for Mytho by dancing so he picks her and Kraehe leaves.

By the start of the second season, Mytho is emoting wonderfully though he’s starting to get this creepy look in his eye and…oh damn it! He’s gone and thrown himself out of the window after tearing up Mr. Cat’s prized shoes! And again, he’s not wearing pants! What’s wrong with you Mytho? Why’re you talking about giving your heart to a crow? Well it turns out that the heart shard of love was soaked in the Raven’s blood and that Princess Kraehe is his daughter…how…does…that…oh never mind, I don’t think we want to know how that works. . Anyways, as this season progresses Mytho becomes more and more of a playboy, seducing girls in every episode and convincing them to offer up their hearts to him so that he may present it to the Raven in the hopes of reviving him all while sporting a new look.


“Come into my arms…and let me take your beautiful heart”

Hmm, I don’t think that black is his color. Anyways, Mytho is now directly opposed by Princess Tutu and Fakir who attempt to return him to his right mind. The Raven’s blood may have a powerful influence over him, but the real Mytho is still there and still fights against the Raven’s control. Wow…he really is like Bakura. But in addition to being a major playboy, Mytho’s behavior towards Rue have taken a turn for the worst. At times it resembles an abusive relationship due to Mytho’s emotions having a negative effect on him as opposed to the positive effect they once did but it also makes one wonder if there’s more to Rue besides her just being Kraehe and trying to win Mytho’s love, but this is his profile not hers. Well, in time Mytho’s attempts are foiled time after time but the raven blood grows stronger and stronger until he becomes…this…Imagesome…bird person thing that’s completely taken over. Now, before I get into the last bit of the plot summary as it concerns Mytho, I need to give a bit of background on him first as revealed by flashbacks. After sealing his heart, Mytho was somehow able to make it to Gold Crown Town where he met and befriended two people. Both Rue and Fakir have known Mytho since they were both young children but since Mytho is a prince from a storybook he stays young and looking the same. Fakir was the one who gave Mytho his name and grew into his best friend and overprotective knight. Rue was kidnapped by the Raven and raised as his daughter but was constantly abused by him. Mytho one day saved her from a bunch of crows and she began to fall in love with him and eventually was sent by the Raven to seduce him or something along those lines.

Now the final episodes! Here we go! When the last of Mytho’s heart shards are finally found they tell Tutu not to return the final shard to him. Most are rather disgusted to see their body as that of a giant bird but they do go back to him. With Mytho nearly complete, he flies off to the Raven to give him his heart but is stopped by Tutu and returns to his true self once the final shard is given to him. Mytho is really Prince Siegfried and if you know your ballet you’ll recognize him as the Prince Siegfried from Swan Lake. Image

Check him out in all of his princely glory! With the help of Tutu and Fakir, Mytho is able to vanquish the Raven and claim Rue as his true princess. He and Rue go off into the storybook to live happily ever after.

My Personal thoughts on this character: Mytho is, in my opinion a really awesome character. I always find myself drawn to the emotionless characters because there’s a genuine air of mystery about them. We can thank Rei Ayanami from Evangelion for bringing us this character type and I do thank her for it. The purpose for making emotionless characters is to separate them or otherwise isolate them the rest of the cast. Mytho, while he is admired and adored by just about everyone, is isolated from the world around him due to not being able to fully comprehend emotions and the feelings of those around him. He is constantly told what to do by both Rue and Fakir for much of the first season while at the same time he begins to regain his lost emotions and begins to start expressing himself. Another reason why emotionless characters are made is because they’re not meant to stay emotionless. They go through the series and slowly begin to display emotions like everyone else but Mytho is a different take on this type of character. Unlike Yuki Nagato who was created without emotions Mytho had emotions but lost them and that’s why he’s unable to express himself. I love how this series actually goes into whether it’s better to have emotions or not because that plays a large role in Mytho’s development. I also like the way that Mytho looks for some reason…I really don’t know why but it’s very fitting. Overall, I’ve got no problems with Mytho at all and felt that he was written wonderfully. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Character Profile! Join me next week for another one!

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