Character Battle #1: Cardcaptor vs. Kunoichi

So since this is the first battle, I thought I’d start off with something simple just to test the waters and give you all a glimpse of what’s to come. I guess I should make this clear now in the first battle so that it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass later on but for the sake of the argument, the character’s power will be the point at which they’re most powerful…that is to say, if there’s a time skip in the series the character will be using the powers they got after the time skip. I’m not really going to count alternate universe’s in the character’s power either. But I guess I can get into the specifics when I explain what the characters have going for them. So the first battle will be between two cherry blossoms!


Not quite the kind of fight one sees every day now is it? Magical Girl elementary student against an almost fully grown Kunoichi? One look at the contestants and one would think the answer to be obvious! But…let’s take a look at each girl separately before we decide who wins, shall we?

Hailing from the Konohagakure or Village Hidden in the Leaves is Sakura Haruno. While she was useless for pretty much the entire first half of the Naruto series, Sakura managed to seriously improve her skills during the time skip. In addition to knowing basic Ninja techniques such as Transformation, Substitution, and Cloning, Sakura is also a skilled Medical Ninja, responsible and capable of healing most injuries due to her excellent chakra control. This also fits into what she’s really got going for her, STRENGTH! Sakura is one of the strongest characters in the series in terms of physical strength due to her training under Tsunade. She’s practically the second coming of the fifth Hokage and when combined with her temper and determination to win, she’s not to be underestimated. The only thing that Sakura really has going against her is, I’d assume, lack of popularity and usefulness overall to the central story of the series she belongs to. Sakura’s done little to nothing of actual significance and hasn’t really helped to move the plot forward from what I know. In terms of overall power, Sakura is probably one of the weakest characters in Naruto but she should be fine against little miss Kinomoto…right?

Hailing from Tomoeda, a city far outside Tokyo is Sakura Kinomoto. Unlike many Magical Girls, Sakura actually is quite talented. Physically fit, she’s one of the top athletes in her class as well as a member of the cheerleading team and an expert with the baton when she’s focused. Using the Clow Cards, or the Sakura Cards as they’re known now, Sakura is able use powerful magic abilities. While inexperienced and clumsy with her use of magic, Sakura grows into a fine magician over the course of the series and she is able to command all the cards she now possesses. For the sake of a, more or less, fair fight Sakura will be unable to use the following cards: The TIME, The CREATE, and The ERASE so as to prevent her from ending the battle quickly. Also…we’ll take away The SLEEP as well. That still leaves Sakura a large number of cards to use against the other Sakura and it’ll be up to you guys to decide what and how she uses them. If Sakura had anything against her, it’d be that she lacks regular battle experience. She’s well versed in magical combat but Sakura isn’t much of a physical fighter. Another thing would be the amount of time it takes for her to activate each card.

So what do you all think? Can Sakura Haruno defeat Cardcaptor Sakura Kinomoto? Or will the Cardcaptor be the victor? Please explain why and how one or the other would win! See you next time!

    • Dresden
    • July 3rd, 2012

    Here’s how I see it playing out: Haruno’s Chakra strength would give her the advantage early on, but she’d be put off as soon as Kinomoto was able to use Fly. Kinomoto would take the offensive after that due to Haruno’s lack of long distance attacks beyond her poisoned Kunai, which she has a limited number of. Haruno would then throw her Sleeping Gas Bomb and use a kunai to pop it to scatter the gas around them. Kinomoto would use Windy at this point to disperse most of the gas away from her, though she’s still feeling woozy from the gas and, due to her short stature, is about to pass out nonetheless. She then uses the last bit of her strength to use the Change card, swapping her mind with Haruno’s, and winning because her opponent’s now unconscious.

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