Intro to Character Battles!

HI EVERYONE! While I was at Anime Expo, my friends and I got into debating battles that would never happen outside fanfiction and things like this. We named two characters from different anime, manga, games, comics, cartoons, movies and things like that and asked “Who would win and how?” I said that it’d be awesome if Japan actually made a series like this where they just crossed over every anime and manga and pitted the characters against each other in some kind of tournament and then I decided to take it to the internet and see what you all think!

This is going to be VERY simple. I’ll select two characters from different series and kind of give an overview of their abilities. From there I leave it to YOU to leave comments saying who would win and why and how. Please don’t get too heated with this because I don’t want wars raging, just a friendly little game of “What if and how” or something like that! I hope you enjoy it as much as I will. Oh wait I haven’t gone over how the winner is decided have I? Well, majority vote wins as long as you can defend your argument. The character with the most votes will win and move on to the next round. I have a feeling that this will go on for quite some time, well I hope it does. The winner will be decided…maybe a month or so from the time I posted the battle. In some cases though, I’ll decide the winner myself if I truly feel the character can win and people are just over looking something but that shouldn’t happen often or at all hopefully. Without further ado, lets GET READY TO RUMBLE!

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