Character Battle #2: Zantetsu vs. Adamantium

Hello and welcome to another GLORIOUS battle! This one…well…I’m not even sure who’s got the best shot at winning this one. From magical girls and female ninja’s we move onto more of a battle between two weapons rather than skill. This one gave me a bit of trouble since it was going to be Kenshin Himura vs….someone but I felt that the person that was recommended had too much of an advantage despite the two being quite similar. So at the suggestion of some friends on Twitter I decided to put the samurai with the the sword that cuts through anything against the mutant with the indestructible claws and skeleton. Ladies and gents, I present to you


Yeah…this is going to be interesting. Way more so than the last battle. See I don’t think that the skills of either fighter is what’s truly in question here. Oh no, the question is what happens when you match a skilled swordsman with a sword capable of cutting through anyone and anything against a nearly immortal mutant with a skeleton and claws that are said to be indestructible? Honestly, this one will be completely decided by whoever reads and comments on this. I’m not much a Lupin fan or an X-men nerd but I do know that this is a very wonderful battle in the making for those who care to debate it. The second fight consists of Goemon Ishikawa XIII vs. James “Logan” “Wolverine” Howlett. Time to get into what these two are capable of!

Goemon Ishikawa XIII is a character from the popular anime Lupin III. He is based on the real Ishikawa Goemon who is something of a Japanese Robin Hood like Folk Hero that’s usually portrayed in modern popular culture as a handsome slender ninja or a hulking bandit. As I’ve never seen Lupin III, I can only go off of what Wikipedia and the internet tell me about him. This Goemon is supposed to be a descendant of the real Goemon that existed thirteen generations previously. Goemon is a practitioner of Koryu or “Old School” or Ancient Japanese martial arts namely those of Kenjutsu, Karate, Jujutsu and Iaido. I should probably go over two of these terms before moving on. Kenjutsu means “Method/Technique of the Sword” which is opposed by modern Kendo which means “Way of the Sword”. The basic difference is that Kenjutsu was practiced with the intent to eventually use those techniques in battle while Kendo is more of a sport with focus on discipline and improvement of oneself though the sword. This is brought up in the Raijuta arc of Ruroni Kenshin. Iaido is another sword art which focuses on precise and swift attacks. The use of iaido is to, in a fluid and swift motion, draw the sword from it’s sheath, strike the opponent, wipe the blood off the blade and return it to it’s sheath. Most people know what Karate is and Jujutsu is, from what I know, to Judo what Kenjutsu is to Kendo. Sorry to go on like that, just thought that you could use some context. Continuing with Goemon’s talents and abilities, he can defeat trained thugs unarmed, catch a dagger or arrow with his bare hands, and apparently has near superhuman speed which allows him to slice bullets in half  before they hit him. This combined with his sword Zantetsuken (Iron Cutting Sword), make him roughly the Lupin equivalent to Kenshin Himura who I was originally going to put him against due to how similar they are. A little bit about Zantetsuken before moving on to Logan though.

Zantetsuken, more often known as Zantetsu or Ryuusei (Shooting Star) in the manga, is Goemon’s primary weapon of choice I assume.  For some reason, the blade able to cut through anything and everything. Cars, planes, skyscrapers, LIGHTNING, and meteorites are no match for this mighty blade and apparently the only thing it can’t cut through is konyaku gel.

Finally we move onto the one I presume to be the fan favorite, Wolverine aka James Howlett aka Logan. Do I really need to go over this one? I can’t imagine that there are many out there that DON’T know about Wolverine. Then again, I guess I kind of have to after writing that huge chunk about Goemon don’t I? Alright well, Wolverine is a Mutant with a powerful healing factor. He can recover from practically any injury and he also has been around since the 1800’s I believe which makes him well over 100 years old. In addition to his considerable fighting abilities, Wolverine is most well known for his retractable claws which like his skeleton are coated with adamantium, which is one of the strongest substances in the Marvel universe. Wolverine is also blessed with animal like senses and a beast like temper. Is there really anything more that needs to be said? I think not.

Sorry but the only reason I wrote more in Goemon’s section is because of some of his practices like Kenjutsu and Iaido. I didn’t really want people having to google them and I wanted to put them in some perspective and context. Honestly, I’m not really sure how this battle would go down in real life but that’s what you guys on the internet are for. Enjoy debating!

  1. I know this post is over a month old but I’m going to give you my vote anyway. I’m not entirely sure that I’m qualified to vote seeing as I’m only familar with Wolverine. Take that back, I used to watch Ruroni Kenshin with my nepphew, and while I remember I liked it, I don’t remember the particulars, but the rest of this I don’t know anything about. So, my vote goes to Wolverine, because first of all, I’m assuming that this sword hasn’t been tested against adamantium so it’s possible it won’t cut it. And secondly, Wolverine’s healing abilities are pretty hard to beat, add in his temper and I think he has a good chance of winning.

    This series of posts is a neat idea, we’re just in the wrong genre for me to know much about who could beat who. Ask me who’d win in a fight between Eliot Spencer (Leverage) versus Angel (Angel) and I have lots of thoughts on that, but anyways, good luck!

    God Bless,

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