Character Battle #3: Bender vs. Gender…Bender

So…battle number 3 is going to be a bit of fun because of the characters that will be fighting. I like…okay I LOVE both of these characters and the series they come from (except the finale of one of them) and I think that this might be the most interesting battle so far. Why do I think this? Well, both of these characters are powerful fighters skilled in what they do and can easily hold their own in battle. Also, one can change the gender of the other at will.


Yes. I’m actually proposing this. And not because girl on girl is hot (no pun intended). I’m proposing this because of how many people will say that Korra will kick Ranma’s ass JUST because she’s the Avatar and Ranma has no superpowers besides turning into a hot chick. Besides, I actually think that if i were forced to take a side on this, I’d say that Ranma would win due to his speed and strength in comparison to Korra. Also…Ranma is biologically male and males tend to be physically stronger on the whole than females are and further more, Ranma’s been training since the age of 2 and doesn’t need to rely on supernatural powers to beat people that have them…most times. But why take my word for it. Allow me to explain the strengths of each fighter and you can form your decisions based on that.

On the one hand we’ve got Korra. She’s the Avatar, the incarnation of the planet in physical human form and the only one capable of “Bending” or manipulating the four elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. For most of the series Korra is only able to bend three elements and it isn’t until the finale that she becomes able to bend air. Bending in the Avatar universe is done through use of what appears to be martial arts (I haven’t actually seen the first series so it’s all pretty new to me) and thus I assume that Korra is more than capable of physical combat if the situation calls for it. Furthermore, now that Korra is able to command all 4 elements, she’s able to bend energy and I’m not sure how that would factor into this fight.

Now we move on to Ranma. Ranma is the heir to the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts and is set to inherit that and the Tendo School of Indiscriminate Grappling once he marries Akane. A virtual prodigy when it comes to fighting, Ranma’s skills on the battle field reflect the style that he practices which incorporates techniques and skills from the various Martial Arts he’s come across. Ranma’s greatest strength is his adaptability. He’s able to catch on to things quickly when it comes to fighting and will exploit any weakness available, provided his opponent do so first. Within his own universe, Ranna’s strength is average in that he can punch though concrete with minimal  effort though his strength is nothing compared to Ryoga Hibiki and Shampoo. Ranma’s speed is usually the determining factor in his battles as he combines his powerful strikes with his impressive speed. Finally touching on the subject that I know most of you will be thinking about, Ranma transforms into a female version of himself when splashed with cold water but returns to male form when splashed with hot water. The transformation does take a noticeable effect on him. Female Ranma, or Ranko as I call her, is noticeably shorter than her male form which also shortens her arms and legs which reduces her overall reach in hand to hand combat. Ranko is, at least as one filler episode of the anime says, significantly weaker in terms of her physical strength than male Ranma but in that episode it was stated that due to being shorter and lighter, Ranko gets a boost in speed and presumably easier access to adrenaline.

As I said before, if I were to participate in this I’d say that Ranma would win. This is mainly due to me not knowing the Avatar universe well enough as well as knowing that in a battle like this, Ranma has more battle experience and would likely use the Hiryu Shoten Ha to knock Korra out. He has no bending for her to take away, is stronger and faster with more flexibility in his style and in the event of being turned into a girl, he’d probably fight ten times harder to make up for the power he lost. But I won’t take any stance in this. A large part of the stance I would take is due to me liking Ranma more and knowing more about him and his universe than Korra so my vote is invalid. Let me know who you think would win and why! See you next time!

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