Character Battle #4: Master of Magnetism vs. Blind Bandit

So…yeah, I’m gonna keep doing this even if no one reads them. I think my main problem is that the match ups aren’t entirely all that interesting so I need to come up with better ones! That or I’m writing this as a blog and leaving it up to the viewers and not as a fanfic wherein I describe the happenings myself. If you’re looking for the latter, I’m not the right guy for you. I suck at describing action and fight scenes. It’s one of the things that I struggle with in my own writing so don’t come here expecting that. Come here expecting to see a proposed match up of two characters about to engage in battle and then be prepared to leave a comment in which you choose a winner and why. Anyways, when I popped this question at AX my roommates immediately launched into a nearly 5-10 minute long discussion on it so now I propose it to the rest of the internet!


 Once again, yes I am proposing this match up. I think that this is actually one of the smarter ones I’ve done, maybe the smartest one I’ve done, due mainly to the differences yet similarities in their powers. Earth vs Metal or rather the Electromagnetic spectrum vs Earth and Metal. I find that’s a very fun one to imagine, more so than the previous Ranma/Korra battle which was probably decided the moment anyone bothered to look at it and thus the lack of comments. Once again, I’m going to make this very clear. I do not know very much about the Avatar series. I didn’t like it when it was on but I actually started to like it once Korra rolled around. Thus, my knowledge of the series is limited to what I can pull off of Wikipedia and other sites. On the Marvel Universe…at this point it’s like DC with it’s various worlds and universes so only basic things tend to remain the same between them all. I know that there are probably over 10 versions of Magneto floating around and for this, you’re welcome to use whichever makes you most comfortable. The one thing I DO NOT want to see are comments asking which version of the character I’m using. You are free to use whichever version of the character that you are most familiar with so that I don’t have to choose and therefore it’s a tad more open ended. But enough with that, lets jump right into this. Toph Beifong vs Magneto!

First off we’ve got everyone’s favorite metal manipulating mutant, Erik Lehnsherr who is most commonly known as Magneto or sometimes Magnus. Magneto is a powerful mutant with the power to manipulate magnetism which basically allows him to control metal. He is capable of lifting 30,000 ton nuclear submarines and asteroids though levitation, can create force-fields which selectively block out matter and energy and because of this field, he is able to survive in deep space and withstand most harm that comes his way. In short, Magneto is capable of manipulating the entire electromagnetic spectrum, more or less, at will. He’s able to project electromagnetic pulses, manipulate electromagnetic energies, turn himself invisible, manipulate gravitational fields, manipulating matter on a subatomic level and flying along with probably much more. Furthermore, Magneto is a genius and that’s about it.

Now with all that, one might think it stupid for me to even recommend Toph to fight him in the first place. Hell, even I think the odds are kind of slim but somehow I see Toph pulling out of it somehow. Toph is, for those of you who don’t know, blind. As an Earthbender, Toph can manipulate the earth around her, more or less at will, and “sees” by feeling seismic vibrations in the earth and this allows her to visualize her surroundings and those around her. Toph is the first Earthbender to bend metal and later bends sand and a meteorite.

Fuck, I just realized that even despite Toph’s great sense of hearing, she’s fucked if Magneto just stays in the air the whole fight. Then again, I’m sure she’d figure something out…I think. Looks like I picked another obvious win but oh well. I’ll do better on the next one…I hope.

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